Author: Elizabeth

Adventures in Medicating Ginger

First, you should know that Ginger is a twelve year old lab-chow mix who thinks she’s a puppy. We got her as a puppy and were told she wouldn’t get “too big” because “neither of her parents were big”. As she got older and bigger, I decided we were lied to. When we first got […]

Lessons Learned from Being Pulled Over

Just once in my life I would like a warning. I’ve begun to wonder if “warnings” are really a thing and perhaps my other friends who claim to have been pulled over are lying to me. I don’t recall when I got my first ticket. It was likely speeding. There are a few that stick […]

Jerry’s Tale

I’ve been hesitant to post things from my writing classes because, when submitting for publication, most places require that it hasn’t been previously published and that includes personal blogs. Well, since I haven’t submitted anything for publication recently, I decided I should quit holding back “just in case.” Without further adieu, I bring you “Jerry’s […]

Adventures in Dinner: Spaghetti Squash Edition

I’m attempting (again) to post on a regular basis. To that end, I bring you “Adventures in Dinner” I’ve been following a low carb high fat (lchf) diet going on two years now. I was on it very well the first year and lost almost 70 pounds. I’ve been sort of on it this past […]


January’s #Reverb16 prompt: Changes | A lot of people use January as a jumping off point to implement changes in their lives. How do you implement change? Slowly? Cold turkey? Incrementally with a plan? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look here. Yes, I know I did February’s first. As I’ve mentioned before, I like […]