Author: Elizabeth

Tribes and Introverts

I’ve been subscribing to Project Reverb’s monthly prompts for awhile now and (obviously) haven’t been doing it. Well, I’m doing it. At least this one. But wait… what’s Project Reverb? It was started early 2000s and, I believe, was initially December only. There are daily reflections to post about on your past year. I’m not […]

A writing exercise

The instructions: Pick a book off your shelf. Close eyes. Random flip. Point to a word. Write down that word, the three words before it and the three words after it. Write for 5 minutes on that. Part 2 of the instructions: read it backward and find a sentence that makes sense and “has energy; […]

A 7th grader – already??

Taylor started 7th grade today. She’ll officially be a teenager in just a few months. I. am. not. ready. As we drove past the high school, I took her hand and said, “In two years, that’ll be our turn.” She said, “In four years, it’ll MY turn.” Yeah, she’s already dreaming about driving herself to […]

I love my family…

Tonight, for some insane reason, Taylor thumped her daddy on the head and then (wisely) ran to her room, closing the door behind her. She wouldn’t come out, but she still needed to brush her teeth. Brian: Taylor, I’m not going to do anything to you. You need to brush your teeth.  Taylor: Promise you […]

First Line Friday

Today’s prompt was a First Line. Basically, I’m given the first line and then figure out another 50-100 words for what happens next. So, at great risk of ridicule, I give you the fruits of my labors from today’s prompt… As the crowd rounded the corner and headed for his group, Gary’s only thought was […]