I love my family…

Tonight, for some insane reason, Taylor thumped her daddy on the head and then (wisely) ran to her room, closing the door behind her. She wouldn’t come out, but she still needed to brush her teeth.

Brian: Taylor, I’m not going to do anything to you. You need to brush your teeth. 

Taylor: Promise you won’t do anything!

Brian: I promise I won’t do anything to you on your way to the bathroom. 

Taylor made him repeat this a few times and then… “What about on my way back to my room?” (I was wondering if she’d caught his loophole. Smart girl!). He didn’t promise, but assured her that he was brushing his teeth and she should brush hers. She finally does then cautiously heads back to her room. Once there, I heard him jump out at her from somewhere presumably in her room and she screamed.

He didn’t do anything to her on her way to the bathroom or on her way back to her room. Once she was actually IN her room, though… Game. On. 

She still has lots to learn about loopholes.