Happiness Challenge – Day 1

Today’s question: How would I like my life to change over the next 30 days. Is it doable? Why or why not?

My initial thought is that I want to feel good, but what does “good” mean? I want to kick my fast food habit. I want to kick my Facebook habit. I want to kick every bad habit I have! Is that doable? Eventually, Maybe. In 30 days? Probably not.

So what would a 30 day version of that goal look like?

I’d like a better awareness of when I feel myself about to slip – pause, reflect on why I feel the need to hit the drive-thru or log onto Facebook and ask, “Is there a better option?” or “What am I trying to avoid by doing this?”

Is that doable? Yes. I believe it is. Will it mean I won’t ever hit the drive-thru or waste time online again? Highly doubtful and that’s okay. My goal is to think about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and decide from there if it’s really what I want to do or if there’s a better option. Most times, I will likely go with the better option.

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