Taylor in Georgia

Darling daughter is at Mimi & Papa’s house for the week. My mom’s keeping her busy and my wonderful niece is helping entertain her.

Taylor is really getting into the whole technology thing and, because of her time on our iPhones and on her cousin’s iPod Touch, she’s really pushing hard for one of her own. But she’s SEVEN, so no. Not yet anyway.

She already knows how to text from our phones and has texted both of us. She had my phone one Saturday morning when she got up before me and Brian. Brian got a text message from my phone telling us to get up – she was hungry. I replied back telling her where the bread was and to help herself to cheese toast (her favorite thing that she can make and is thrilled that she can make). Mean, mean mama, I know.

This week, Brian & I both have been getting texts from her and one thing is apparent. She needs to learn patience. She texted me while I was at a doctor appointment and when I was able to check my phone, I had this:

hi mommy

mama mama

Then about 20 minutes later, this:

mama i miss you talk please

mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am cring (translation: crying)

Then she called me. By this time, though, I was trying to respond but didn’t have a signal. Which means I also missed the call. I did get the voicemail she left, though. Being a dutiful mommy, I called her back. And she didn’t answer. I called their house phone and talked to my mom.
Me: “Hey – my daughter has your phone.”
Mom: “She does?” LOL

Come to find out, mom’s had to charge her phone every morning before the girls get up. This is the most use its gotten… ever, I think. Alyssa and Taylor will even text each other while they’re side by side in the den – crazy kids…

The story I got today, to me, was the best yet.

Mom was doing laundry and asked Taylor to please gather all her clothes that needed to be washed. Her response: “They’re all on the floor.” Mom: “Well, I’m not going to pick them up.” Her: “Oh, yeah.” Alyssa: “Nice try, Taylor.” Taylor smiled and said, “Never hurts to test.”