First Line Friday

Today’s prompt was a First Line. Basically, I’m given the first line and then figure out another 50-100 words for what happens next. So, at great risk of ridicule, I give you the fruits of my labors from today’s prompt… As the crowd rounded the corner and headed for his group, Gary’s only thought was […]

Renew a Right Spirit

…and renew a right spirit within me. That’s the part that hit me earlier today. After a series of little setbacks and misunderstandings, I allowed my mood to deteriorate to the point that I felt somewhat hopeless. No matter what I did, it was wrong so why do anything? Just let me escape. But there’s […]

The (near) Perfect Vacation

Today’s prompt is 500 words on my perfect vacation. I’ve had a few near perfect ones. I think for a vacation to qualify as “perfect” for me, it would need to involve me not having to worry about anything. No one else’s agenda or schedule. Nothing. And perhaps free, though I’m not opposed to paying […]

5 Minutes on Color

Brian used to LOVE purple. That was his favorite color when I first met him. I’m not sure exactly when he lost his obsession with it (He had a purple backpack throughout college and I believe we still have it. Somewhere). When I see purple, I think of him and remember the day we met […]