Author: Brian

Welcome, Keith Alton

Baby 2.0 has been released to the world! At 3:32 p.m. today, September 8, Keith Alton McAlister entered the world via C-section, weighing in at 8 lbs 3.6 oz and 21″ long. Just after 3 a.m. this morning, Elizabeth woke up realizing her water broke. We sprung into action, grabbed the bags, dropped Taylor with […]

It’s official: Baby 2.0 is a boy

It’s official: Baby 2.0 is a boy., originally uploaded by Brian & Elizabeth McAlister. Meet the next Mr. McAlister. We’ve gotten some great name suggestions (*ahem* thanks for those, Lauren) but we’re sticking with Baby 2.0 for now. Here’s his ultrasound pic — looks just like me, don’t you think?

Baby 2.0 – Ultrasound alpha release 1

Yesterday, we had our first ultrasound appointment for Baby 2.0 (our working title at the moment). We have pictures, of course, which will be posted as soon as we can make the scanner work. Printers and scanners remain my technological kryptonite. Mark your calendars now: Baby 2.0 release date is scheduled for September 26. All […]

Made it throught the night

UPDATE: Elizabeth says the doctor just made it official — we’re going home today! ORIGINAL: Taylor made it through the night with no supplemental oxygen. We are currently awaiting the doctor’s final word, but a nurse says the wheels on the discharge machine have been set in motion. It was a night not without drama, […]

False alarm

And we’re off. Had a scare when the alarm went off immediately after hooking her up. Bad sensor. Replaced, and we’re off and running. Here is my companion for the evening.