Baby 2.0 – Ultrasound alpha release 1

Yesterday, we had our first ultrasound appointment for Baby 2.0 (our working title at the moment). We have pictures, of course, which will be posted as soon as we can make the scanner work. Printers and scanners remain my technological kryptonite.

Mark your calendars now: Baby 2.0 release date is scheduled for September 26. All looks fine and dandy at this point. Thankfully, we only have one heartbeat. Baby 2.0 is the cutest 2 centimeter blurry grey blob we’ve ever seen on a computer screen.


    1. Yes, yes. I hear you Mother.

      We do have video of Taylor’s reaction to the baby announcement. I’ll get it up here this weekend.

  1. Ike, it’s not that 1.0 is in Beta. 1.0 is a fully-developed project, released to the world and better-known by project name Taylor. 2.0 is a clean break — our second foray into this crowded project space. These are related but completely separate projects.

    Kelly, FTW! Just, FTW.