KITT’s grand return

We watched the new Knight Rider movie this evening, of course, and it was about what I was expecting: focus on the car, one long Ford commercial, some fighting, show off more of KITT driving, etc.

I’ll refrain from spoiling too much in case any loyal readers (*cough*Kenny*cough*) forgot to set their Tivos and instead must resort to watching the replay next Saturday.

21 minutes in, KITT and Sarah are driving down a winding mountain road. Sarah asks if her father had a chance to test all of KITT’s systems yet. KITT responds, “Not extensively, no” and we see a list of field tests on the screen:

Knight Industries 3000 Field Tests

High Speed Maneuvering – Incomplete
Passenger Impact Safety Test – Complete
High Speed Impact Test – Pending (yeah, pending the climax of the movie perhaps)
Structural Integrity Test – Incomplete
Nanoskin modification speed test – Incomplete
[something] Impact Test – Incomplete (thanks, NBC, for covering the screen with one of your little promos)
High Velocity Breaking Index – Complete

Breaking? Shouldn’t that be ‘Braking’?

Surely the most advanced car ever invented, with its real-time satellite access, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, would at least have a spell check function? Or maybe Ford’s Microsoft-powered SYNC technology, which they shamelessly plugged throughout the commercials, shining through. The four-part commercial between Mike and KITT was cute however.

It was a fun movie evening, if nothing more than indulging in a guilty pleasure. I’d watch the series if it makes it.


  1. I only saw a few minutes of it and I wanted to stab out my eyes.

    Oh, and Nanotechnology is the modern deus ex machina, don’t you think?

    That is all.

  2. Ya know Brian, perhaps

    “High Velocity Breaking Index – Complete”

    is refering to actually “breaking” KITT at high velocity…..
    just a thought. Maybe a cliff like when KARR decided to “self preserve”? or perhaps a pool of acid? A giant semi being driven by Garth Knight, Wilton’s angry son?

    Since the writers caved we may never see good low quality series rehashes now…..dangit.