Taylor’s getting a passport!

So, today was Brian’s 3rd attempt, I think. One attempt was thwarted by not being able to get off work like he’d wanted to. The 2nd attempted was thwarted by Presidents Day (which caused the closing of post offices). Today – success! But it was not easy.

We had combed the passport people’s website, meticulously making sure we had the correct forms and all i’s crossed and t’s dotted properly (that was intentional, btw). The website and the form for Taylor’s said that if both parents can’t be present, the one who couldn’t be there could fill out this other form and have it notarized. It just so happens I have a co-worker who is a notary public. So we filled it out. “The nice elderly gentleman post office employee” (um, yeah) informed Brian that that form was only for if I were hospitalized or out of the country. (No, it’s not. There is a form for that, but that was not it.) When Brian told him that’s not what the form says or the website, he told Brian, “Well, I can send it on in but they’re probably going to reject it.” Brian called me and we’re both thankful that I have a very understanding supervisor and that I’m also now in her good graces.

I show up and “The nice elderly gentleman post office employee” sees Taylor’s passport pictures, looks at her birth certificate and back at her again. Brian, who had had difficulty already looked antsy. I was too until I noticed an ever so slight smile as he said, “She can’t be 5! You look much older in these pictures!” Brian attempts good humor but he’s obviously been burned. There were a couple times, I shot Brian a look of, “What?” because he appeared angry / agitated / annoyed. When we get outside, he says, “He was much nicer once you showed up.”

Oh, and “The nice elderly gentleman post office employee” also told Brian that he couldn’t renew his passport in person; it had to be done by mail. Again, doesn’t say that anywhere on the site that we’ve found nor on the forms and it makes no sense whatsoever. But… we’ll renew it by mail and then we’ll be good to go!!

And in case you wonder about me and my passport – I’ve got mine and it’s fine for a few more years. 🙂