Doomsday Keychain (part deux)

So we finally got the initial one that I’d ordered after UPS sent it around the globe a couple times. For kicks, I checked on the status of the 2nd one the company had sent us and freaked when I saw… Jamaica. What the !#$%???

Oh… Jamaica, NJ. Okay.

It should arrive today and Brian will be able to blow stuff up at home and work!

Side note: When Brian got the first one, he was showing it to me. We’d told Taylor about it at dinner and she got very upset that daddy would blow mommy up. She informed him that she would take all the air out of me and put it in HIM! We finally realized she was thinking in balloon terms. We explained it and she laughed. We’ve been letting her watch too much Mythbusters (the cement truck was especially impressive).

That night, she was in bed and he tried it out. From her room, she started crying for me. He went up to check on her, figuring the beeping noise woke her – it did. She was upset with him until he said, “Do you wanna push the button?” Crying instantly stops… “*giggle* yeah!”