First Line Friday

Today’s prompt was a First Line. Basically, I’m given the first line and then figure out another 50-100 words for what happens next. So, at great risk of ridicule, I give you the fruits of my labors from today’s prompt…

As the crowd rounded the corner and headed for his group, Gary’s only thought was that he’d picked a bad day for a walk. It started out a normal enough day. He had planned to get with his vegan friends and go for a walk around his small city’s main drag. It was a pretty easy walk now that the sidewalks had been redone and lights added so people could safely cross the one major road. The only hiccup in their route is that it took them by Colorado Crazy Wings. They had their own group who got together each week. Some of them were nice enough, but there were a few who seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in taunting them as they passed. They were pelted with chicken wings one time. “Chicken wings. Really? Do these people have ANY regard for life?” Gary thought to himself. He shook his head, sighed, and steeled himself for the confrontation he knew was coming.

The carnivorous group slowed and one of its members approached Gary’s group.
“Good evening…”
“We just wanted to catch up with you and apologize for the other night.” Gary was stunned. “There were some newcomers to our group who thought it would be funny to pelt vegans with meat. I think you’d like to know they were kicked out and told not to come back.”
“Um, thanks. We appreciate that.”
“Well, that’s all we wanted to say. Have a good rest of your walk and we’ll see you next week!”
“Okay. See you around.”

“Huh,” thought Gary, “maybe those carnivores aren’t as bad as I thought.” But then he remembered they’re carnivores, shivered in disgust, and continued his walk.

So, where the heck did THAT come from? Well, when I first heard the prompt, I was a little confused. A crowd rounds a corner, headed for Gary’s group and he thinks he’s picked a bad day for a walk. Walking in a group didn’t seem to make sense, but then I thought about the groups who get together every Tuesday night in Gardendale to walk/jog/run together and thought, “What if?”

This should hopefully go without saying, but, to my knowledge, this has not actually happened. Ever. At least not in Gardendale. If it’s happened somewhere else, it’s purely coincidence. I also don’t condone pelting vegans (or anyone, for that matter) with chicken wings (or any other meat). That’s just rude.